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Why should I learn the Speed Cleaning Method?


NEW ONLINE FORMAT! We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing update to the Speed Cleaning Training System! The same invaluable content you've come to love from our book and USB drive is now available for instant access online.

Whether you're a seasoned cleaning professional or a homeowner looking to master the art of efficient cleaning, our online training system is your comprehensive guide to achieving exceptional results in record time. ?Say goodbye to waiting for deliveries and hello to immediate access to the expertise that will transform your cleaning routine. Let's get started on your journey to a cleaner and more organized life, right now! 


It all started with a book. First published in 1987, SPEED CLEANING by Jeff Campbell was the very first step-by-step set of instructions on housekeeping. It’s a proven method that provides even the most profoundly cleaning impaired the wherewithal to clean in the smartest way possible. The method was carefully curated by The Clean Team, then a preeminent house cleaning service in San Francisco. For over 18 years, they kept records of every visit to thousands of households. They used time-and-motion analysis and an endless comparison of cleaning products and equipment to develop a method that would save every step and every moment possible. The result is a thoroughly tested system of cleaning without a wasted motion. And now over 30 years later, the Speed Cleaning method is used by hundreds of professional cleaning services around the world. 

Speed Cleaning teaches you new cleaning skills designed to save you time without sacrificing the thoroughness of the cleaning. Once you master the skills and the process, you’ll dislike your cleaning chores less and less – and enjoy the new free time it provides. 

 The 13 Tenets of Speed Cleaning:

1. Make every move count 

2. Use the right tools 

3. Work from top to bottom 

4. If it isn’t dirty, don’t clean it 

5. Don’t rinse or wipe a surface before it’s clean 

6. Don’t keep working after it’s clean 

7. If what you’re doing isn’t going to work, then shift to a heavier-duty cleaner or tool 

8. Keep your tools in impeccable shape 

9. Repetition makes for smoother moves 

10. Pay attention 

11. Keep track of your time and get a little faster every time 

12. Use both hands 

13. If there are more than one of you, work as a team 

That’s it. Like any new skill, Speed Cleaning must be learned, practiced, reviewed and perfected. But it’s well worth the effort. The payoff is that you will save hours every week.

AND NOW you can learn everything about the Speed Cleaning Method at your convenience online! Check it out NOW and we are certain you'll love it!

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