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Is your house ready for holiday parties?

Ode to Stain Gobbler

Oh, gather 'round, my spooky friends, For a tale of cleaning that never ends! In the haunted house where we monsters dwell, There's a hero we adore, and we must all tell! 

Stain Gobbler, the name we cheer, With enzymes so mighty, it's perfectly clear, Non-toxic and safe, this cleaner's our dream, It tackles our messes with a gleam in its beam! 

Witches' brew spills and vampire bites, Mummy bandages and ghostly frights, Stain Gobbler arrives, oh, what a sight, To banish the stains and make everything right! 

Its enzymes, they work like magic spells, Breaking down messes in haunted hotel, From ectoplasm goo to zombie slime, Stain Gobbler's the hero in cleaning's prime! 

So here's to you, Stain Gobbler, so grand, In our monstrous abode, you take a firm stand, With your non-toxic powers, you've won our heart, Cleaning up after us, it's truly an art! 

As Halloween monsters, we give you our cheer, For making our messes disappear, Stain Gobbler, you're the best we've ever seen, Our spooky, stain-fighting, cleaning machine! 

Tips for Prepping Your Home for the Holidays!

Whether you’re going to be hosting a Halloween party, Thanksgiving, or just having a few casual gatherings with family and friends over the holidays, now is a great time to get your house in order before things start getting hectic. With that in mind, we want to help you with some tips for stress-free cleaning so your home can stay tidy during this holiday season. 

Ditch the clutter 

We’ve covered this before, but it’s a great tip for tackling clutter: Go from room to room with an empty laundry basket to pick up clutter that doesn’t belong in the room. Move methodically, from left to right around the room so that you know everything behind you is clutter-free and you can focus your attention on the mess in front of you. If you don’t have time to sort through the items before your guests arrive, you can stash the basket in a closet or unused room until you get a chance to go through each item one by one and put everything back in its rightful place.   

Prioritize your efforts 

Start cleaning in the most important room in your house, the one where you’ll get the most bang for your buck with your cleaning effort. In my house, that’s the kitchen, because the kitchen is where everyone spends the majority of their time during any visit or gathering. You can also decide to start with the most difficult room, the one you’re dreading the most (e.g. the bathroom, in my case!). So tie on your Speed Cleaning™ Apron and get started! This way, even if you run out of steam, you’ll have covered the most important areas of your home first. 

Move all your furniture to clean underneath 

During the holidays you might have to get creative with making space in your living room to accommodate lots of people. In preparation for a last minute furniture move—did someone suggest dancing?!—take the time now to vacuum underneath all the forgotten spots so that you’re not caught unprepared when the couch gets shoved against the wall. You’ll be able to remove any dust bunnies or misplaced toys that somehow snuggled under the sofa. Looking for a vacuum recommendation? We’ve got you covered. 

Kitchen cleanup 

You’re going to want a clean and organized kitchen for all that holiday cooking that happens. So get it out of the way now (yes, you’ll have to clean up again once all the cooking has happened, too!). Clean out your refrigerator and toss out expired items so you will have plenty of room for the groceries or dishes you’ve prepped ahead of time. Wipe down your stove top with Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice. Clean off your countertops and sink. Wipe down the exterior of your cabinets and appliances. Just keep the image of all that delicious food in mind as an incentive to get this done. 

Bathroom tidying 

Be sure that the bathroom your guests will be using is clean and well-stocked with toilet paper, towels, and soap. You could also think about adding some holiday-themed candles or decoration to the room. Your friends for cleaning the bathroom are our Speed Cleaning™ Scum Bum for any hard water stains, Speed Cleaning™ Blue Juice for mirrors, and Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice for everything else. Day-of-party cleaning On the day that you expect guests to come over, here’s a reminder of things you’ll want to have handled: Make the beds, do all the dishes ahead of time so you have an empty dishwasher, check the bathrooms, keep rooms free of clutter, wipe down tables and countertops, and then pour yourself a nice cup of tea to celebrate being prepared for your guests and as calm as a cucumber. Congratulations, you did it! We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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