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Show of hands: Who has stains in their toilet that are impossible to remove? That ring at the water line and streaks down the bowl are mineral deposits from hard water. And nothing you’ve tried so far gets rid of them, right? There’s a nontoxic green-cleaning tool that can get the job done – the pumice stick! Read on to learn about other things around the house that you can clean with a pumice stick, but first . . .

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There are different grades of pumice stone, depending on where it’s mined from. The pumice stones sold for personal care, like smoothing rough feet, are finer than those intended for cleaning. There is also a grade of pumice sold for industrial use. 

Keep these two cautions in mind:

• Always work with a wet pumice stick and remoisten as you clean. This will help prevent scratching. 

• Absolutely positively test in an inconspicuous area first before using a pumice stick on a surface. Once something is scratched or dulled, there’s generally no turning back.

Here are some ideas on how you can use a pumice stick (the kind sold as a cleaning tool) around the house:

  • Clean hard water deposits and stains off porcelain toilets, tubs, sinks, and tile. You don’t even need to use a cleaning solution. 
  • Remove the white calcium deposit at the water line on swimming pool porcelain tiles. Add the power of Speed Cleaning’s Scum Bum and you’re in business. Scum Bum is an effective green cleaner that’s safe to use in pools and spas and environmentally friendly. Awesome! 
  • Clean away baked-on spills from oven interiors (smooth porcelain type, not the self-clean finish), most oven racks, cooktop grates, and iron cookware. 
  • Remove baked-on food from glass-type Pyrex casserole dishes (sometimes that baked-on stuff won’t come off with anything else). 
  • Rub away rust and paint from tools, and then dry. 
  • Clean graffiti and many types of stains off concrete and masonry.

Tip: You can shape the end of a pumice stick to a point or to conform to the surface you’re trying to clean by rubbing it on a rough surface like the sidewalk or brick.

And there you have it – 13 things you can clean with a pumice stick! 

Speed Cleaning offers a 3-pack of high-quality pumice sticks, and/or a handy pumice with a handle, to help you get the job done in and around the house. Check out their pumice stick with the attached handle as well. Happy green cleaning to you!

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