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Get ready to enhance your enjoyment of wine with friends or while cooking. Whether you’re celebrating with a bottle of wine or using it to elevate your culinary creations, spills happen, but there’s no need to panic, especially if it lands on your carpet or tablecloth.

How to remove wine stains 

Before we started selling Speed Cleaning products, we owned a wine store, which gave us a unique insight into stain removal. While there are products like Wine Away, nothing beats our own Red Juice for removing stains from fabrics and surfaces like tablecloths, carpets, and even pristine white shirts.

Red Juice isn’t just for stains; it’s also an exceptional laundry pre-treatment and all-purpose cleaner. Made from natural ingredients such as soybean extracts and seaweed, it's safe enough for kitchen countertops and effective at keeping your home clean.

Why not host a gathering with friends and enjoy a wine tasting? If a spill occurs, Red Juice will be on hand to swiftly remove any red wine stains. Your friends will be amazed at your stain-removing prowess, and everyone appreciates a useful tip that delivers results.

We’d love to hear your success story with Red Juice and stain removal. Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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