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Mother’s Day is NEXT Sunday, which means that kitchens across the nation will be getting more of a workout than usual as breakfast in bed is served up to Mom by the little ones. Here are some tips for cleaning up the kitchen the Speed Cleaning way once the kids are finished making their delicious mess and while Mom is getting ready for her special day.

Mother's Day

How to clean your kitchen like a professional – a guide for loving partners 

Don’t waste time “coming back” to any area, but be sure everything gets cleaned the first time around when you make your way from left to right in the kitchen. 

So, is this your first time cleaning? You might want to pop on your handy cleaning apron to get this done in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Place trash containers out of the room. 
  2. Clean your way around the kitchen, moving from left to right and working from high to low. 
  3. Start with cupboards above the counter, cleaning fingerprints around the handles. Use an all-purpose spray and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth
  4. Work from back to front and spray then wipe the countertop, getting rid of that sticky pancake residue the kids left behind. Move items to clean beneath them. That’s right, pick up the toaster and clean underneath it, wiping away all those crumbs. 
  5. Work from high to low around the kitchen, wiping away dust on the floorboards and cobwebs on the ceiling. 
  6. Check for sticky fingerprints on the edge of the door frame or refrigerator handles. 
  7. Spray and wipe the area above the stove, then clean the stovetop and the middle of the stove. Don’t forget to clean the front of the stove, too. 
  8. Finish your trip around the kitchen at the sink. Clean above the rim of the sink with an all-purpose cleaner and cloth, and then use powdered cleaner on the bowl of the sink. 
  9. Finally… the floor! Sweep or vacuum the floor to get the debris, then mop the floors to get rid of any sticking substances or spills.

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