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What is green cleaning and why should you care?

Take a moment and peek at the cleaning supplies stashed under your sink that you DIDN’T buy from the Speed Cleaning team. Have you ever thought about how strange it is that some cleaning products have warning labels? These labels are required by law to indicate that the products contain harmful ingredients, ranging from “Caution,” “Warning,” to “Danger.” It’s absurdly common for conventional cleaning products to contain toxic materials and to be fatal if swallowed. Products marked with “danger” can make you extremely sick, or cause blindness or death. And “danger” products can also explode if they get too hot. Yikes!

So what can you do? Go green and replace all your conventional cleaning products with our line of cleaning products and tools that are the best, fastest, greenest, and most personally safe! Ditch the spray cleaners that cause asthma and replace them with our eco-friendly Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice (all-purpose cleaner) or Speed Cleaning™ Blue Juice (great for glass and mirrors).

The benefits of green cleaning include better health for you and for the environment. With green cleaning products, you won’t be breathing in toxic fumes when you scrub the sink, and toxic substances won’t linger on your countertops to be accidentally transferred to food or hands.

When searching for your new stash of green cleaning products, make sure they’re made from naturally occurring, non-toxic substances that are plant-derived (like ours are). Avoid cleaning products containing phosphates and chlorine which are toxic to humans and harm the environment. You can rest assured that any cleaning product you purchase from us is safe for you and your family.

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