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If you’re not sure what type of vacuum to use, we’ve got a page full of recommendations for what professional cleaners use to tackle their clients’ homes.

Want to save 20% of your time vacuuming? Follow this one rule: plug the vacuum in once and vacuum the entire house without having to hunt for another plug. You’ll never backtrack to find a plug and have to scurry around on your hands and knees looking for a hidden outlet. So how do we accomplish this magic trick? Use a 50-foot extension cord on your vacuum!

Vacuum systematically so you don’t overlook an area or cover it more than once. Use furniture as landmarks to divvy up the room into distinct areas so you don’t overlap. By vacuuming with one hand, your other hand is free to move furniture or other items out of your way.

Go forward one full length of the vacuum hose each time, then move sideways with each backward motion to get yourself into position for the next forward stroke right beside where you just vacuumed.

Well-traveled areas need extra attention, so vacuum more slowly or repeat each push and pull of the vacuum. However, little-used areas can be quickly attacked to make up for time.

Tip a chair back instead of moving it to get under it.

Move one end of a table an inch or two to vacuum where the legs were and then replace it.

Stairs should be tackled like everything else– start at the top and work your way down. Be sure not to vacuum backwards down the stairs because you might fall!

Throw rugs also need to be vacuumed. Stand on one end to keep it in place and vacuum away from where you’re standing, lifting up the vacuum head at the end of a stroke to start again.

We hope that with these tips you’ll find yourself dreading the vacuum chore less!

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