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Vacuuming is NOT a 4-Letter Word

When did vacuuming become less playing with a cool gadget and more a chore that we abhor?

Does this sound familiar around your house?  “If you do the vacuuming, I’ll do insert just about anything in the world here.”  It’s funny actually that so many of us despise vacuuming on such a deep level.  It’s almost counter-intuitive.  Imagine… 

We’re going to get to use a sophisticated machine, with a revving motor and numerous extensions that let us reach every nook and cranny.  We get to push it all around the house and when we’re done we get to see the fruits of our labor collected in a nifty little bag or canister.

Think of Your Carpets!  Save the Carpets!

Nothing in your home gets more wear and tear than your floors.  And carpeting is the ultimate collector of dirt, dust and more.  To ensure your home remains clean and your carpets last, you should be vacuuming high traffic areas several times a week!  Vacuum the entire home at least once a week.  And vacuum the backs of rugs at least yearly. 

Consider moving rugs and furniture around occasionally to change the traffic patterns in your house and extend the life of your carpets. 

Hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year for a proper deep shampoo cleaning.   Sprayed-on soil retardants like Scotchgard actually work, although they have to be reapplied after a deep cleaning.

Will Any Vacuum Do the Trick?

The Nilfisk VP600 signifies the next evolution of canister vacuum design. Featuring two highly maneuverable, fully directional caster wheels on the body, it eliminates drag, effortlessly following you wherever you clean.  Innovative features including an easily accessible step-on power button, modular design and full line of accessories. 

The VP600 is designed specifically for commercial use but is affordable enough for home use.  Its innovative features include an easily accessible step-on power button, modular design and full line of accessories.  Though built to last in commercial environments, the modular design makes it easy to repair with easily replaceable parts.

Vacuuming Is a 9-Letter Word

So let’s think of vacuuming as a necessary task that provides satisfaction with verifiable and visible results.  Turn up your favorite tunes and who knows?  You might even grow to actually enjoy vacuuming.  Just like you did as a kid when pushing around that Fisher-Price Corn Popper toy.

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