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Use the Speed Cleaning Safe Rule of 3 to Properly Sanitize a Surface

I've seen more than one business violating one or MORE of the Safe Rule Of 3 while attempting to clean with disinfectants during the coronavirus (or COVID19) crisis.

Follow the Speed Cleaning Safe Rule of 3 for a safe, simple way to clean. These simple steps will help you keep your home, office, or place of business clean and safe all year long.

Speed Cleaning Safe Rule of 3

1. First you clean, then you zap

Clean a surface first, then you can zap it with disinfectant. First you use an all purpose cleaner like Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice to clean the surface—removing all the dirt and gunk and fingerprints— and only then do you follow up with an EPA-Registered Disinfectant.

2. Spray and stay

This is the most critical rule of the three Speed Cleaning Safe Rule of 3. Spray disinfectant and then you let it sit on the surface. Resist temptation to wipe it immediately.

Do you know the dwell time of your disinfectant? Instructions on the bottle will tell you how much dwell time that particular disinfectant needs to kill viruses or bacteria. This is the amount of time that the liquid needs to remain on the surface before being wiped off. So have patience and wait the full dwell time before wiping the surface.

Most disinfectants  need at least 90 seconds of dwell time to kill viruses. It's harder to kill bacteria than it is to kill viruses, so the dwell time may be about ten minutes to kill bacteria. But if you’re only concerned about the coronavirus, let the disinfectant dwell on the surface for at least 90 seconds and then wipe it up.

3. Once and done

"By the third doorknob you're doing more harm than good," says Science Of Cleaning expert Bruce Vance.  Use an area on your cleaning towel only one time. Use another part of the towel or cloth to keep cleaning other surfaces. Do not clean multiple surfaces with the same side of the towel. Need towels? We have Speed Cleaning™ Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths.

You can keep flipping your towel to find clean sides to use. Spray disinfectant, let it sit for the right dwell time, then wipe with a towel. Use the towel areas once, then you're done. Get a clean side for every surface you want to clean.

If you have sanitizing wipes, instead of “once and done,” it's “once and toss.” Use the sanitizing wipe on one surface and then toss it out to avoid cross-contamination.

Cleaning Supplies

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Stay clean and stay safe!

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