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Maintaining your possessions with the wrong cleaner or cleaning tool can cause more damage than does regular use. We have definite opinions about cleaning supplies based on our experience cleaning many homes over many years. Here are a few of the main time-saving strategies from Speed Cleaning:

1. It’s smarter to have only a few products that clean multiple surfaces rather than a different cleaner for each surface. 

2. As important as cleaning products are, the process itself is equally important. We’ve found that many people rely on “miracle” cleaners (many of which sit unused under the kitchen sink) because they don’t’ know enough about the process.

3. The correct process starts with carrying your cleaning supplies with you in a cleaning apron to eliminate backtracking. When it comes to cleaning, it turns out to be easier and faster to work clockwise around a room once, cleaning from top to bottom and back to front as you go. The alternative is to make fitful stops and starts and countless trips back and forth and up and down. You won’t realize any substantial savings in time or effort unless you carry your supplies with you in a cleaning apron.

4. Carry a heavy-duty liquid cleaner (like Red Juice), a light-duty liquid or window cleaner (like Blue Juice) and a supply of white cotton cleaning cloths in your cleaning apron for most of the cleaning work. Add other products to your apron as needed. Some other basic supplies are: white scrub pad, whisk broom, tile brush, toilet brush, feather duster, toothbrush, razor, scraper, and rubber gloves.

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