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Have you ever felt like you are working harder than you should be to get something clean?
Sometimes I clean the mirror or the faucet in my kids bathroom with a piece of toilet paper. 
Why, you ask?
Well, because I was standing there doing laundry and those water spots on the brass faucet were driving me crazy. 
Why with toilet paper, you ask?
Well...because the Blue Juice and cleaning cloths were downstairs and there's no way I'm walking downstairs to get my tools. 
Did it work? 
Sort of? But it took much longer for me to clean the water spots and then try and re-clean it to get all of those little pieces of stuck-on toilet paper off the faucet, than it would have if I'd have just gone and gotten a cloth and a spray bottle.
Moral of the story: just use the right tools. 
I know this is a silly story, and I'm sure I'm the only person on the planet who would clean a bathroom sink with toilet paper...BUT
When you clean off your stove, grab your scraper.
When you clean your kitchen sink, grab your professional toothbrush.
When you are vacuuming, keep the attachments on hand. 
And when you clean a bathroom sink, just go get the silly spray bottle and cleaning cloth. :)

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