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How to get grass stains out 

Kids are putting on their bright white uniforms and hitting the ball fields all across America, which means having to tackle grass stains is not too far behind. One of the best kept secrets about how to get grass stains out of baseball uniforms is our very own Red Juice!

For all the moms out there who get home from games and spend so much time trying to scrub out stains (especially when out of town on road games, grappling with stains in a tiny hotel room sink!), we have to let you in on the secret. Red Juice works like nothing else to combat these stains and return the uniforms back to sparkling white form.

If you’re heading out with the team on a road trip to play games away from home, be sure to pack a small sample size of Red Juice. You can buy a travel size bottle and fill it with Red Juice.

We’ve had so many moms tell us that they’ve tried everything under the sun to get the stains out of the uniforms, but nothing works as well as Red Juice. One of our customers, Katherine F., even said she’s given away tons of Red Juice to her friends to help them with this problem.

Of course, this doesn’t just have to be on baseball uniforms because kids will get stains on just about anything they wear. Kids will be kids, jumping in puddles and rolling around outside, so whatever stain you’re trying to tackle, we recommend using the Red Juice that’s in your cabinet for this. If you aren’t already using Red Juice to clean your home as a multi-purpose eco-friendly cleaner, here’s another reason to give it a try!

Don’t forget that you can use Red Juice to clean your kitchen countertops because it is a safe green cleaner. Wherever there’s a greasy mess in your home, just grab your Red Juice and problem solved!

Have you had success with using Red Juice to get out stains? We’d love to hear your comments!

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