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Break out the vacuum and follow these Speed Cleaning steps

Raise your hand if you have a ceiling fan! If the ceiling fan can get that dusty, so can everything else in the room that doesn’t get dusted during a routine cleaning. We’re talking about things like crown molding, stationary window treatments, light fixtures, the corners where cobwebs gather, etc. For cleaning up heavy dust in these areas, Speed Cleaning recommends using a vacuum cleaner. So let’s get started:

?  Consider using an extension cord on your vacuum so that you don’t have to move the plug around to reach every corner of the entire area you plan to clean. This will save you valuable time – we are called Speed Cleaning, after all!

?  Start with the extension wand(s) on your vacuum hose or use a broom to grab cobwebs. Did you know that cobwebs are abandoned spider webs that you don’t see until they get coated with dust? Anyway, go all the way around the room, taking care of the high areas first while you have the extension wands in place. Use a brush attachment for delicate and detailed areas such as ceiling fixtures and carved molding. The attachment also works well on the tops of fabric window treatments and curtain rods. 

?  Then remove the extension wands and follow the Speed Cleaning Rules by starting in one corner of the room and cleaning from the top (the uppermost point that you haven’t already cleaned) to the floor, then move over and repeat, vacuuming everything in your path as you go: upholstery, lampshades, plants, drapes, blinds, window sills, shutters, air vents, and electronics like the TV including the cords and the back of the units. If you notice something is broken, repair it or get rid of it. 

?  This type of cleaning is considered heavy cleaning, so move furniture, lamps, TVs – anything that you can – to clean the object and the area underneath it. 

?  As you vacuum small items, clean one at a time and carefully set it aside in somewhat the same arrangement so that it will be easier to restore everything to the original position when you put it back. Vacuum the bare surface and replace the clean items. 

 And there you have it. By the time you make it all the way around the room, it should look great!

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