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Speed Cleaning with the Perfect C105 Vacuum... is really is PERFECT!

At Speed Cleaning, March brings a spotlight on one of our trusty companions in the cleaning arena – the Perfect Products C105 Lightweight Portable Commercial Canister Vacuum. This isn't just a vacuum; it's a crucial player in the Speed Cleaning method, offering a seamless blend of power, precision, and eco-friendliness. 

Precision Cleaning for Speed Cleaning Enthusiasts 

For those who swear by the Speed Cleaning method, the C105 is a game-changer. With a remarkable 115+ inches of water lift, it ensures every corner and crevice is thoroughly cleaned, aligning perfectly with the efficiency goals of Speed Cleaning.

Complete 8-Piece Tool Kit for Every Task 

In the spirit of Speed Cleaning, the C105 comes equipped with an 8-piece tool kit. From a combo rug and floor tool to an upholstery tool with a slide-on brush, this vacuum ensures you have the right tool for every cleaning task, making your routine faster and more efficient.

Durable, Long-Lasting Design 

Built with durability in mind, the C105 features non-marking rubber-coated rear wheels and a reinforced metal axle rear wheel design. This robust design not only guarantees a long service life but also ensures your floors remain scratch-free. 

HEPA Filtration for Clean, Healthy Living 

Breathing clean air is a priority, and the C105 delivers on that front. With HEPA filtration and an optional reusable SMS filtration cloth bag, it ensures that your home not only looks clean but promotes a healthier living environment. 

Comfortable Cleaning Experience 

Cleaning with the C105 is a comfortable experience. The adjustable comfort-padded shoulder strap adds a touch of convenience, making it easier to glide through your cleaning tasks without the fatigue associated with traditional cleaning methods. 

As our featured product for March, the Perfect Products C105 Canister Vacuum embodies the essence of Speed Cleaning – fast and efficient. Elevate your cleaning game and embrace a cleaner, greener home with the C105.

Happy Cleaning!

Amy Sardone


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