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On July 4th, 1777, the Continental Congress passed the first Flag Act, designating the Stars and Stripes as our nation’s official symbol of strength and unity. The flag consists of thirteen stripes representing the original colonies: seven red for hardiness and valor, and six white for purity and innocence. The white stars stand for the fifty states, set against a blue background symbolizing vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

As we celebrate Independence Day, it's a perfect moment for those who proudly display the American flag outdoors to inspect it for tears, fraying, and spots. According to flag etiquette, washing a soiled flag is acceptable rather than disposing of it unless irreparably damaged.

If your flag needs spot cleaning, Speed Cleaning offers effective products: 

  • Red Juice, derived from natural seaweed and soybean extracts, provides eco-friendly cleaning. 
  • Stain Gobbler features powerful enzymes that target organic stains like blood and grass, safe for most fabrics.

These gentle products are versatile for various surfaces and fabrics. Visit to order and restore your American flag to pristine condition for Flag Day, the Fourth of July, and beyond.

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