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Are you ready for a new twist on using microfiber cloths??? Washing your face. Yes, you read that right – the house cleaning pros at Speed Cleaning are bringing you a beauty tip! After doing a little research online, we couldn’t wait to share this tip with our readers.

Microfiber cloths (we’re referring to the fluffy type here, not the smooth ones) are made up of super-fine split strands that create an extremely soft cloth. But don’t let that softness fool you – the split fibers create crevices and fingers that grab and trap dirt and bacteria. When used on skin, the fibers collect dead skin cells as well.

Microfiber cloths marketed as washcloths are sold in the beauty section of stores and online. They’re the same material as cloths sold for house cleaning and car care, but they’re generally smaller in size and cost more. (No surprise there!)

While a good-quality microfiber cloth feels very soft to the touch, it’s capable of removing makeup with just water and acts as an exfoliator. This exfoliation from such a soft cloth is what most online reviewers rave about. They do recommend starting out with a very light hand when cleansing, especially on your face, until you determine the right touch for your skin type. You can choose to use just plain water or your favorite cleanser.

Speed Cleaning’s Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths would be a great choice for personal care. Each cloth is a generous 16” x 16”. At that size, you could cut one up to make four smaller cloths for even more savings! And with Speed Cleaning’s four-pack, you can set some of the cloths aside just for house cleaning.

Whether you’re using your microfiber cloths for dusting, cleaning, or personal care, the same rules apply when washing them: no bleach or fabric softener. We also highly recommend allowing them to air dry rather than putting them in the dryer to maintain the fiber integrity and softness. They line dry very quickly. Washing them with only other microfiber cloths or other non-linting items will prevent the cloths from picking up lint. These cloths are just as grabby in the washer as they are when cleaning!

Speed Cleaning encourages you to do your own research online to determine if using a microfiber cloth for personal care is right for you. Who doesn’t love learning about additional uses for everyday things!?

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