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Let's Talk About Red Juice
Many of the Speed Cleaning™ customers rave about Red Juice, and we want to tell you all about it and why it is "rave" worthy! Shortly after starting The Original Clean Team, the "team" was on a hunt for a non-irritating general-purpose cleaner. The grocery-shelf cleaners made most of us cough, especially in confined spaces. We ended our search with a unique product from Oregon.

It's no accident that our Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice is environmentally safe. It was designed to be that way. Dirt clings to surfaces like stretched elastic membrane. Without getting into too much chemistry, Red Juice is basically a unique blend of surfactants - compounds that reduce the surface tension of the goop clinging to surfaces. The surfactants in Red Juice bread this surface tension and allow the dirt to float away. 

The surfactants in Red Juice are derived from sea kelp, among other things. What is not in it is also important: it lacks the surfactant in many janitorial and retail general-purpose cleaners - something called Butyl Cellosolve. According to California law, it is listed as a "chemical contaminant" and described as being easily absorbed through the skin. (Maybe that's why it irritates the lungs so quickly.) It injures the kidneys and liver, irritates the eyes and mucous membranes, and is listed as "very toxic" by an established textbook on toxicology. 

Needless to say, we were delighted to find a cleaner that didn't contain a drop of Butyl Cellosolve. Red Juice has the USDA's hughes approval classification (A-1), meaning that it can be used on equipment in which food is made and on all surfaces of meat and dairy plants. It is nontoxic, odorless, and quickly and easily biodegradable (in 4 to 7 days). Red Juice cannot be registered as a disinfectant because it lacks "kill-ability" (thank goodness). It does not kill living cells on contact. But it cleans so well that bacteria and fungi have just about nothing to feed on, so the microbe count after cleaning a surface is close to zero. So, now you know all about our wonderful Red Juice, and why you can be proud to use it! 

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