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Summer is officially here! If you are like us, we're kicking off the start to a long season of backyard barbecues and relaxing on your deck. When you invite friends and family over, you’re probably primarily focused on making sure the interior of your home is clean and tidy, but at the last minute before guests arrive, you dash out to make sure the outdoor area is equally presentable.

Here’s how to whip your patio area into shape in 20 minutes or less:

Be sure to have these supplies on hand: 

Remove clutter 

First things first. Clear off the patio and remove any clutter. Grab a laundry basket to fill with all the toys, magazines, whatever is covering the outdoor space, then stash the basket in your laundry room to deal with later. Throw away any trash and move any furniture or objects off the patio so you can clean it.

Attack the weeds 

Pull out any overgrown weeds choking the border of the patio, using a kitchen knife or a small shovel to remove stubborn roots. You don’t have to go crazy with weeding, but attack the stragglers that are creeping up onto your patio and leave the rest for later.

Broom time 

Sweep the patio to remove all dirt and debris. Start in one corner and move methodically from left to right to cover the area efficiently. Sweep into a pile and use the dust bin to gather up the scraps into the trash.

Wipe down 

Wipe down your patio furniture before you put each piece back into place. For plastic furniture, spray with Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice and then use the Speed Cleaning™ Upholstery Brush to scrub. The thermoplastic rubber material of the Upholstery Brush won’t scratch surfaces and can be used with most any cleaning solution. You can use this on seat cushions and the patio umbrella as well. For wood furniture, make sure that you are using a cleaner safe for wood. If the wood is heavily stained with dirt or mildew, you may need to consider sanding and either staining or painting it, but that’s a project for another day. You can always cover these stains with a bright colored beach towel so your guests won’t spot them. 

Dust off 

Dust off the patio table and all other surfaces where your guests might place their food and drinks. Speed Cleaning™ Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths are perfect for this, with a spritz of Red Juice to attack harder spots. 

Smile as your guests arrive 

The doorbell rings just as you whip off your Speed Cleaning™ Apron and admire your sparkling clean patio. Enjoy your guests and a clutter-free clean outdoor space!

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