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I forget about cleaning under my rugs, but I know it needs to be done...especially in my house with my kids, my dog, and lets face
The wood floors in my home are about 100 years old, so they are pretty damaged and stained from decades of use, but I think the end result under my dining room rug still looks pretty nice!
I made this video to show you, so let me know what you think. 

Here's what I did:
  1. Move furniture aside that sits on the rug
  2. Vacuum the rug
  3. Roll the rug out of the way
  4. Dry/dust mop or sweep the floor where the rug usually sits
  5. Wet my mop cover with floor cleaner that is safe to use on hardwood floors
  6. Mop the area
  7. Wait until floors are completely dry, then roll the rug back out and move furniture back into place
  8. Done!

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