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How Angel Saves Over 250 Hours In Cleaning Time Every Month!

Hi everyone! I'm Angel, the proud CEO of Two Gals and A Broom. We've been in the cleaning business for 28 years, celebrating our anniversary this past March. Throughout these years, we’ve tried numerous cleaning products and methods, but nothing has matched the efficiency and effectiveness of Speed Cleaning products.

Our Journey with Speed Cleaning 

When I first came across Speed Cleaning products, I was instantly intrigued. We decided to start implementing their methods and products with our cleaning techs, and the results were impressive. Although I don’t have exact data on how much time we saved initially, I can confidently say that adopting Speed Cleaning shaved at least 15 minutes off of each house we clean...and we clean around 1000 houses per month. That's over 250 hours saved each month! That's a lot of money saved by just following the Speed Cleaning system. We also saw a significant reduction in complaints, fewer missed spots, and an overall more consistent and higher quality cleaning service.

Our Favorite Products   

One of my absolute favorite Speed Cleaning products is the Stain Gobbler. This versatile cleaner has become a staple in our cleaning arsenal. Here’s what we use it for:

Old Grimy Vinyl: 

It’s perfect for those stubborn old dirt stains that get embedded in the pits of vinyl surfaces. Stain Gobbler makes them look almost new again.

Stained Laundry

It’s a lifesaver for getting rid of tough stains on clothes, bringing back their fresh and clean look.

Truck Seats

I’ve personally used it on my truck seats, and the results were fantastic. The stains and grime vanished, leaving the seats spotless.

Daily Cleaning

Our DCS (Detail Cleaning Specialists) use Stain Gobbler on sinks, stools, and stovetops, especially when they are particularly bad. It cuts through the grime and leaves everything sparkling clean.

The Impact of Speed Cleaning 

Implementing the Speed Cleaning method was a game-changer for us. It provided a structured approach that enhanced our efficiency. By following the Speed Cleaning rules, our team became more methodical, ensuring nothing was overlooked. The consistency in our service improved, and our clients noticed the difference. 

Speed Cleaning products are not just about getting the job done; they’re about doing it well and doing it efficiently. We saved valuable time on each house, which allowed us to take on more clients and grow our business.

And I also want to mention the Cleaning Business Fundamentals program! Since joining CBF, we've quadrupled our business and are now helping other cleaning business owners grow their business by helping them to implement the CBF model into their own company!

A Heartfelt Thanks 

As we continue to use Speed Cleaning products, I am grateful for the difference they have made in our operations. From reducing complaints to achieving a higher standard of cleanliness, Speed Cleaning has played a crucial role in our success. 

If you haven’t tried Speed Cleaning products yet, I highly recommend giving them a shot. Whether you’re a professional cleaner or just looking to keep your home spotless, these products will exceed your expectations. Here’s to many more years of immaculate cleaning and satisfied customers! 

Warm regards, 

CEO, Two Gals and A Broom

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