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Holiday-Ready Cabinets: 5 Simple Steps to Sparkling Clean

“I have beautiful wood cabinets lining my kitchen walls that keep getting stickier and greasier as the years go by. Help! How do I clean these?”

With the holiday season fast approaching, your kitchen becomes the heart of family gatherings and feasts. We all know how mothers can be, playfully judging our kitchen cleanliness! So, here's a friendly tip: it's time to clean those kitchen cabinets! Not only will this ensure your cabinets gleam with holiday spirit, but it's also important for a healthier home. Over time, cabinets collect invisible residues and become sticky from cooking grease, food and drink particles. Yes, it can be gross to realize this grime has accumulated in your kitchen. But fear not! We have a great method and eco-friendly solutions help maintain safety while keeping the holidays joyful and your cabinets sparkling. 

So what is our effective cleaning method? We've tested lots of products and developed a great Speed Cleaning method we know will work for you. Read on to learn our secrets and discover the products that do the work for you.