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Happy New Year! Happy NEW Cleaning Routine!

Do your New Year Resolutions include staying more on top of cleaning your home? We have some tips to make it easier to keep that resolution in 2024!

Happy 2024! Did you write down your cleaning resolution yet? If not, get scribbling—writing down your goals clarifies them and gives you a much higher chance of achieving them. Ideally, your new cleaning routine will run on autopilot after you create new habits and make them stick. And the best way to make a habit automatic is to commit to it consistently for at least three weeks. Once you make it through this initial phase, it’s much easier to sustain. So take advantage of your fresh 2024 energy and get started!

Daily Simple Tasks

Consistency is critical when you want to make a habit become second nature. Make a commitment to doing some cleaning tasks every day during the first three weeks of the year. Keep your tasks relatively simple, like clearing up clutter in the living room on the first day, and vacuuming it the next day. You don’t want to take too much on and burn yourself out in the first few days. As you get comfortable with the routine, feel free to add on complexity and push yourself.


It’s easy to forget that you had planned to change up your cleaning routine, so place reminders to clean every day or you might stumble and miss a few days. Missing those days isn’t the end of the world but it does defeat the purpose of getting your habit set in stone. Calendar notifications on your phone or via email will help keep you on track, or post-it notes in locations you see each day.

Splurge on a New Cleaning Tool

"Treat Yo Self!" Is there something in the Speed Cleaning store that you’ve been eyeing but haven’t bought yet? Having a new tool to work with will motivate you to stay on top of your cleaning routine. Take a look at our Top Sellers or take the plunge on a Speed Cleaning™ Total Home Care Kit. You’ll look forward to tackling your cleaning tasks when you have new tools to help scour away the grime and remove the dust.

Like Clockwork

Try doing cleaning tasks at the same time every day. The more consistent your cleaning routine is, the easier it will be to stick to it. Cues like cleaning at the same time every day will work as an internal alarm clock to remind you to take care of business. Studies show that daily habits can become part of your routine in as little as twenty-one days if you don’t skip a day. Figure out a schedule that works best for you and stick to it.

Have A Trigger

This is a great tip!  In the morning when my first cup of coffee is gone, I used to reach for a refill. Instead, I use that empty cup as a trigger for me to spend the next twenty minutes doing my daily speed cleaning, and then I reward myself with that second cup. Find something that works as a trigger for you to know when to launch into your new cleaning routine.

Turn Cleaning Into A Game

Take the daily routine and time yourself, seeing how fast you can get your cleaning done. When it’s you versus the clock, you’ll be motivated to work faster and have fun beating your previous record. Put the SPEED in Speed Cleaning!

Decide Which Rooms Are MOST Important

Pick a room or two where you will focus your cleaning efforts for a little bit every day so that you can keep them in pristine shape. The most important rooms in my home are my kitchen and my home office. I can’t handle seeing stacks of dirty dishes lingering while I’m cooking a meal and I get my best work done when my home office is neat and tidy. So these two rooms are at the top of my list to make sure they are sparkling clean each and every day. The rest of the house can remain a bit untidy until a weekly cleaning happens and I’ll still feel good about things.

We hope these tips help you develop a new cleaning routine for the new year. Do you have any suggestions for how you’re going to keep up with your new year’s resolution to maintain a clean home? Let us know in the comments!

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