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Eldredge Cleaning's Favorite Deep Clean Products
The Deep Clean Specialist, Beth Eldredge of Eldredge Cleaning, has put together a list of her favorite products to use during a deep clean. Check out her video here where she demonstrates how to set up a room for a deep clean. (More to come! Beth is doing an entire series on deep cleans as part of her Deep Clean Specialist training!)

Here are the products making the Deep Clean magic happen!

  1. Red Juice - All-Purpose Heavy Duty cleaner that is also non-toxic and safe to be around!
  2. Microfiber Cloths - 16"x16" durable cloths with bacterial resistance
  3. Perfect Lightweight Canister Vacuum - lightweight, ergonomic, portable vacuum with all the attachments!
  4. Plastic Scraper - for tougher jobs, won't scratch surfaces
  5. Professional Toothbrush - not for your teeth! professional durability to get into tight corners and nooks & crannies
  6. Scum Bum - this bathroom cleaner dissolves the toughest soap scum, scale, and hard water stains
  7. Stain Gobbler - enzyme-base cleaner eats up all the bacteria left behind by organic stains
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