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We were thrilled to hear this story from one of our customers and wanted to share this tip with anyone else who might be battling weird smells in their dishwashers. Marsha tried everything to eliminate the stink from her dishwasher but this was the only thing that worked.

She had been at war with her Bosch dishwasher for several years, trying to combat strange smells in her clean dishes that she described as smelling like a wet dog or fishy. Marsha would run the cycle over and over trying to get rid of that smell. She made sure to regularly clean the inside of her dishwasher and wipe the gasket, but this didn’t help the odor.

Desperate to solve the mystery of the smelly dishwasher, she tried several different dishwasher detergents, used Glisten dishwasher detergent twice a month, tried using Affresh dishwasher tablets, but these didn’t work. Marsha also added small pieces of copper tubing to give off copper ions and added vinegar to her rinse aid compartment. Still, the smell persisted.

She was reaching the end of her rope. She had a whole house water filter, so she knew it wasn’t the water system. The plumbing for the dishwasher was checked and rechecked. Marsha started using two pods of Cascade per load—one Complete and one Platinum—which seemed to help but it wasn’t solving the issue completely.

Finally, out of sheer frustration, she sprayed her ready-to-wash dishes with Red Juice and started the dishwasher cycle. That was it! Her dishes came out smelling clean.

Marsha said, ”I have continued to use a few sprays of Red Juice before I start the dishwasher, and my dishes continue smell clean. I am so grateful for your product. Wish I’d thought to use it sooner. Wanted to share my happy news.”

Thank you so much, Marsha! We love hearing about the many ways that Red Juice has been used unconventionally to solve a problem, like helping take grass stains out of white baseball uniforms.

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