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When it comes to gift-giving, a collection of cleaning supplies can be both useful and kind of fun to receive. Yes, cleaning supplies can make a nice gift, especially when artfully packaged. Just the right color bucket, a little paper filler, a coordinated bow – voila!

For a new neighbor: 

Keep it simple and safe with a small collection of green cleaning supplies in a pail or basket. You could include a bottle of cleaning vinegar (found in the cleaning products aisle, or regular vinegar), a small box of baking soda, a colorful empty spray bottle, and a colorful microfiber cloth. Another great green cleaner is Speed Cleaning’s Red Juice. Your neighbor would thank you for introducing this product if they’re not already familiar with it! For a humorous touch, include a tag that says, “Welcome, new neighbor! I don’t know what to do with all this. If you don’t either, we should get along just fine.”

For a new mom, maybe someone who’s an acquaintance that you just want to give a little something to, the above non-toxic, green cleaning supplies would make a nice gift as an alternative to the usual baby items.

For someone moving out on their own for the first time: 

Include all of the above supplies in a good-size bucket with the addition of a grout brush, soft-scrubbing cleanser like Speed Cleaning’s Pro Scrub (no bleach, won’t scratch, and smells so fresh!), glass cleaner, a few eraser sponges, and a feather duster. (A high-quality feather duster has ostrich-down feathers, not tight and stiff, neon-colored chicken feathers. Those dusters might be cute, but they just move the dust around!)

Additional items you could include in a cleaning supplies gift basket, bucket, or caddy could be a cute or cool apron, rubber gloves, and an iTunes gift card for downloading some great music to listen to while cleaning.

We hope we’ve inspired you to consider a gift of cleaning supplies in the future. Everyone has their cleaning favorites – be sure to include yours to make your gift perfect!

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