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Cleaning During Flu Season
Cold and flu season arrives along with Fall —achoo!—but we are here to help you clean your house so you’re in the best shape possible to keep your family and yourself healthy all season long. Unfortunately, no one has yet discovered a cure for the cold or flu, but whatever you can do to prevent germs from spreading will make a big difference in your home.  

Frequently touched contact points 

The biggest impact you can have is cleaning the spots in your home that are frequently handled by everyone in the house. These include light switches, door knobs, cupboard handles, drawer pulls, refrigerator handles, the coffee pot handle, sink faucets and toilet handles, soap pumps, countertops, table tops, and, of course, your remote controls. And don’t forget the keyboard and mouse of your computer, if applicable. 

During cold and flu season, try to clean these areas more than usual. Spray some Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice on one of your Speed Cleaning™ Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths and wipe these contact points down at least once a day. It’s also a good idea to remind your family to wash their hands often. Both of these actions combined will go a long way to protecting the health of your family. 

Don’t forget to wash sponges and cleaning cloths 

As you fight the battle against germs, don’t forget to toss the Speed Cleaning™ Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths into the laundry after use. Otherwise, you’re just spreading the germs from spot to spot. After using sponges in the kitchen or bathroom, you can disinfect by zapping saturated sponges in the microwave for 60 seconds. 

Wash towels and bedding 

Towels that everyone dries their hands on should be changed out daily, along with any sheets of a sick person. Fresh sheets and towels will go a long way to making your sick family member feel a little bit better. And germs are contained for the rest of the family by swapping out fresh towels each day. 

Wipe down surfaces 

Your coffee table, nightstands, countertops, desks... all these surfaces can get dirty and aren’t cleaned as often as most parts of your house. Be sure to wipe these areas using a little Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice sprayed on one of your Speed Cleaning™ Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths to clean. 

Clean your phone 

Yes, that mobile phone you’re always clutching can have more germs than a toilet seat. Wipe your phone down weekly using a microfiber cloth and a safe cleaner, like Red Juice. Avoid harsh cleaning wipes that could ruin the coating on your phone’s screen. 

We hope these tips help you keep your house healthy during this cold and flu season. And if you’re the one who’s sick, feel free to pass these tips on to your helper bees so that they can keep the rest of your household in good shape. 

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