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Father’s Day is tomorrow! If you’re wondering what to get the guy who truly has everything, consider a gift that you might not have thought of—the most amazing cleaning tools to clean his boat, assuming the lucky Dad has access to a boat with a nearby lake, ocean, or river.

Here are a few tools that anyone with a boat will find indispensable for cleaning their sailboat or small yacht or cruiser.


These flexible dusters are great for boating. Every time you get on your boat it’s covered in cobwebs unless you’re taking it out daily. You have to grab a broom to tackle those cobwebs, which is fairly bulky to keep on board. Enter the microfiber duster! These are phenomenal for quickly removing cobwebs, and you can use an extension pole for higher areas on the boat. It is the easiest way to dust off all those dead bugs that have gathered on the fiberglass of your boat and keep things “ship-shape.” We keep a few microfiber dusters on board—one for the interior and one for the exterior. 

The interior of your boat can be quickly wiped clean, dusting cabinets, tables, blinds, and all surfaces. Make it easy for yourself by using a separate microfiber duster on the exterior of your boat. You will laugh when you see how great these work as cobwebbers!


We stumbled onto using Red Juice as a fabulous cleaner when we were trying to clean our previously white boat cushions that had turned a horrible gray color. We had tried everything to try and return them to the original white color. Finally, we used Red Juice and washed the cushion covers in the washing machine. It brightened up instantly! So if you’re similarly engaged in a battle to return fabric to a white color, use Red Juice as your secret weapon. It’s an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution to brightening up any fabrics that are becoming dingy on your dinghy.


To finish off the perfect set of cleaning tools for your boat, grab a pack of microfiber cloths. These come in handy in all sorts of situations when you’re sailing or when you’re hanging out in the marina. Just toss them into the washing machine when you return home from a day on the boat.

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