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We’re going to revisit the many uses for a rubber upholstery brush for those of you who are somewhat new to our Speed Cleaning blog, and add two additional handy tips that we’ve learned along the way.

  1. No surprise here, but a rubber upholstery brush does an outstanding job of removing pet hair and lint from lighter-weight fabrics as well as upholstery. The static charge created during use makes the hair cling to the rubber bristles, which also work to pull out embedded hairs and fibers from the fabric. 
  2. When you don’t have time to vacuum, brushing carpeted stairs not only gathers hair and other debris for easy pick-up, the carpet fibers also get lifted, giving the stairs that just-vacuumed look.

3. The rubber bristles do a great job of sweeping up fine sand, silt, and dust on floors and other hard surfaces. Think about how a squeegee makes complete contact with glass when cleaning windows. The flexible rubber bristles of an upholstery brush work similarly to really grab along a surface, including textured surfaces like aggregate concrete on your patio. 

4. Dryer lint screens easily brush clean over a trash can with an upholstery brush. Again, the rubber attracts and grabs the particles. To get into any grooves and lines in the frame, a brush that has splayed bristles on the tip like the Speed Clean Upholstery Brush really gets in there.

5. Your pet may welcome a brushing disguised as a massage! Use a rubber upholstery brush during bath time or use it dry to gently coax loose fur out without scratching your pet’s skin. 

6. Things that require scrubbing to get them clean but may scratch are great candidates for using an upholstery brush. The thermoplastic rubber material won’t scratch surfaces, can be used with most any cleaning solution, and can be disinfected with a soak in diluted bleach (1/2 cup of the concentrated bleach per gallon of water).

7. If you use a dust mop on your floors, several swipes with an upholstery brush over a trash can is a great way to clean off the duster between washings. This saves you time and extends the life of the duster.

Additional cleaning uses for this versatile tool include car upholstery, window seals, base boards, and even shoes. Sounds like having more than one rubber upholstery brush would be ideal! Hmmm . . . how about giving one as a gift? There are certainly some people out there who would be delighted!

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