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7 Uses for Those White Cotton Cleaning Cloths

The Many Uses for Speed Cleaning™ Premium Cotton Cleaning Cloths

There are many people out there who understand what we mean when we say, “Ahhh. The thrill of opening a new package of sparkling-white cotton cleaning cloths!”  A little dramatic, you say? Well, here are some ideas on how you could use those cloths, starting with the obvious. 

  1. Cleaning. Sturdier and more economical than paper towels, eco-friendly, absorbent, low-lint depending on the kind you buy – cotton cleaning cloths are the bomb. If you don’t have any, get some. 
  2. Line a pretty basket with a clean, fresh cloth to serve bread, rolls, breakfast pastries, chips, etc. 
  3. Make your own reusable dryer sheets. Cut cotton cloth into 8” x 8” squares (it can be whatever size works for you), and mix 8 drops of an essential oil that you like into ½ cup vinegar in an airtight container. Store the cloths in the mix, squeezing any excess mix back into the container before using one. The dryer sheets can be used over and over again by putting them back in the container; add more vinegar/oil mix as needed. 
  4. Use as placemats alone or on top of a colorful tablecloth for a fresh look that protects what’s underneath as well. 
  5. Use as dinner napkins. Add a colorful or themed napkin ring, or practice one of the many creative folds as seen in the Napkin Folding Guide. (Check out Napkin Etiquette under the Napkin Guide tab. Who knew?) 
  6. Wrap a small gift in a new cloth and tie with colorful ribbon. The cloth will be a gift as well! 
  7. Keep a cotton cloth or two in the car to: 
  • Dry the inevitable trickles of water that appear as you’re driving out of an automatic car wash. Before you get back on the road, wipe the water away before it leaves a water mark. 
  • Clean up spills and the moisture that drips off cold drinks. 
  • Dry the interior side of the car door after getting in during a heavy rain. 
  • Place under your muddy shoes to protect the floor mat. 

Look for 100% white cotton so that it can be laundered in hot water with bleach if needed. Another plus is if the cloth is advertised to be nearly lint free. Speed Cleaning’s Premium Cotton Cleaning Cloths come in a set of twelve, so you can put some aside for non-cleaning uses (like in a bread basket), and are as close to lint free as you can get.

Unlike paper towels and especially sponges, you can really scrub and then also wipe clean and dry with these durable reusable cleaning cloths. Real cotton saves time by cleaning and drying in one step. They're as close to lint-free as cloth is going to get. And they last for years, so they're much cheaper than all the paper towels you would buy in your lifetime. They're easier to clean and sanitize than sponges. Big enough to throw over your shoulder as you clean around the room. Once you've tried these you'll never go back to smelly sponges or costly paper towels. White cotton with hemmed borders. 

They’re generously sized and will last for years. Check them out in the Speed Cleaning online catalog, and let us know the clever ways you use cotton cloths!   

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