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The next time you start to grumble about not being able to keep any of your houseplants alive, think about all the benefits those green organisms bring you. We bet you’ll be reaching for your watering can with a lot more enthusiasm once you learn how houseplants can keep you healthy and help clean the air in your home. 

They clean the air 

Having good quality indoor air is so important that NASA did a study to find out which plants were best to filter the air of the space station. They found that because English Ivy and snake plants (Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’) are the best at absorbing formaldehyde, they’re the top choices when looking for a plant to help filter your air. Plants are also great for homes with pets because they lower the levels of fecal matter in the air. 

They can help fight colds 

Plants’ ability to humidify the air and decrease dust can help fight viruses that cause colds and coughs. Horticulture studies have shown that by adding plants to office and hospital settings, they were able to decrease cold, fatigue, headaches, and sore throats. They have also found that some plants like eucalyptus have the ability to clear congestion by gently opening your nasal passages. They also kill airborne germs, keeping your home safe and healthy. 

They can reduce stress 

In today’s world, it seems like everyone is stressed out, all the time. If you feel stressed at work, it’s recommended that you put a few plants near your desk to help reduce stress and fatigue. Even if you’re not particularly stressed at home, it’s good to have a few green friends around to provide the same benefits. Studies have shown that having plants helps lower people’s heart rate and blood pressure, and helps to decrease respiratory problems. 

They provide more oxygen for your home 

As you breathe, your body inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Plants are the opposite—during photosynthesis, they absorb/inhale carbon dioxide and release/exhale oxygen. Adding plants to your home can help to increase oxygen levels. When the sun goes down, photosynthesis stops and most plants will release carbon dioxide after absorbing oxygen. But there are a few plants like snake plants, orchids, and succulents that do the opposite, making them a great choice to place in bedrooms so the air gets refreshed at night. 

They minimize allergies

Spider plants are wizards at helping alleviate allergies. In 48 hours, a spider plant can eliminate almost 90% of toxins from a room! The leaves of a spider plant absorb mold and other allergens like dust, and can absorb carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. So minimizing your sneezing by bringing one of these plants into your life.  

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