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20 Unique Ways a Toothbrush Can Help You Clean Your Home

A toothbrush may just be one of the most useful cleaning tools you can have in your Speed Cleaning™ Apron.

What if there was a toothbrush actually designed with cleaning in mind?  There is!

The Speed Cleaning™ Toothbrush, available in 3-packs and 24-packs, is a specially-designed "toothbrush" with a solid 7" easy-to-grip plastic handle, extra-thick bristles and an angled neck that protects your knuckles while scrubbing. And they are available in three different colors (red, white and blue) so you can color code your toothbrush for a specific job and rooms in your house so you never again have to worry about cross contamination of surfaces. For instance, use the Red toothbrush for your toilet, the White toothbrush for bathroom fixtures- sinks and tubs, and the Blue toothbrush for your kitchen cleaning.

20 Unique Ways a Speed Cleaning™ Toothbrush Can Help You Clean Your Home

1. Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

From toasters to coffee pots, a toothbrush can be a difference maker when it comes to cleaning those hard to reach places in your kitchen appliances.  Just be sure to unplug them first!

2. Cleaning a Cutting Board

Ever find it difficult to fully clean all the little knife grooves in your cutting board?  A toothbrush makes it a breeze.  Use along with Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice to make your cutting board good as new.

3. Cleaning Faucets, Taps and Other Fixtures

Perhaps no part of your home has more hard to reach places than the faucets and taps.  Ever try just wiping them down with a cloth only to find you missed literally half of the gunk?  Dip the toothbrush in Speed Cleaning™ Scum Bum if you have hard water stains that need to be removed.

4. Remove Crayon From Walls

We all love a decorative mural, but sometimes not on the walls of the hallway.  Use a toothbrush along with Red Juice - or even shaving cream! - and gently scrub off the crayon without affecting the wall paint.

5. Thoroughly Clean the Lint Trap in the Dryer

Is your lint trap never truly clean?  It can be if you use a toothbrush to get every last bit.

6. Cleaning a Computer Keyboard

A computer keyboard can easily be one of the grimiest places in your home.  And its not like you can just spray it down and wipe it clean.  If only there was a tool that could gently scrub away all that grime. Oh, wait, there is!

7. Give a Deep Cleaning to Mini-Blinds

Start by spraying the mini-blinds down with Speed Cleaning™ Blue Juice and wipe them clean with Speed Cleaning™ Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths. Use a toothbrush to clean the remaining areas that a cloth just couldn't quite get.

8. The Ultimate Jewelry Cleaning Tool

Nothing gets all the small nooks and crannies of jewelry clean quite like a toothbrush.  Use in conjunction with your favorite jewelry cleaning solution.

9. Cleaning Air Vents

Start by spraying the air vent with Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice and wipe them clean with Speed Cleaning™ Microfiber Dusting and Cleaning Cloths. Use a toothbrush to clean the little hard to reach areas of the vent.

10. Cleaning a Hair Dryer

The vent of a hair dryer can get pretty dirty. The result is not only does the hair dryer not work as well, but it can even become a fire hazard!  Take a minute at least once a month to clean the vent with your handy toothbrush.

11. Porcelain or Glass Stove Tops

First wipe the stove top clean after applying Red Juice.  Use a toothbrush to gently scrub any areas that need some extra attention.  Finish by applying Blue Juice and wipe away any remaining streaks that round one may have left behind.

12.  Clean Your Refrigerator

Speaking of hard to reach places, does anything in your home have more little nooks and crannies than a fridge?  Make sure to have a toothbrush handy next time you take on the chore of giving your refrigerator a good cleaning.

13. Is It a Toothbrush or a Grout Cleaning Tool?

YES!  A toothbrush seems like it was made for scrubbing grout.  Add Speed Cleaning™ Scum Bum to the mix and the job couldn't be easier.

14. Dusting Artificial Flowers and Plants

Artificial plants collect dust as though that's what they were made for.  Once again, a toothbrush to the rescue!

15. Get Your Sliding Glass and Screen Doors Sliding Again

Sliding doors are incredibly convenient...until the tracks get grimy.  Make the tracks like new again with a toothbrush.

16.  Cleaning the Cheese Grater, Garlic Press and Other Utensils

Seems there is a tool for just about everything you'd ever want to do in the kitchen, but not all of them get a thorough cleaning in the dish water.  Good thing you have a toothbrush!

17. Really Scrub That Carpet Stain

Speed Cleaning™ Stain Gobbler and your handy toothbrush may be all you need to remove that tough carpet stain.

18. Cleaning Drains and Disposal

Give your sink drains a good scrubbing and when you're done chop up a lemon and run it through your disposal for the freshest kitchen sink ever!

19. Polish Your Stainless Steel Appliances and Cabinet Pulls

Use Speed Cleaning™ Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish and turn your toothbrush into a handy polishing tool.

20. Cleaning Screen Doors and Window Screens

Screens are great, but they also tend to become dust collectors.  A toothbrush is perfect for giving them a thorough cleaning.


And after you've cleaned your entire home from top to bottom with the help of your handy toothbrush, go ahead and grab a clean one and give your finger nails a good cleaning!


Did we forget a unique way to use a toothbrush for cleaning around the house?  Leave your comment below and we'll be happy to share your tips as well!

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