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14 Unique Uses for Red Juice

The Wonders of Red Juice

Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice is a general purposes, heavy duty cleaner, similar to other heavy duty cleaners you might find in stores, but better for many reasons! To start with, the degreaser in Red Juice is made from user-friendly and environmentally-friendly seaweed, while the degreasers in most other heavy-duty cleaners, are derived from petrol-chemicals. Yes, Red Juice is all natural with no man-made products. It has ingredients such as soy bean extracts, palm kernels, and palm oils. Red Juice does not contain ammonia. 

Red Juice is odorless and non-toxic. It's USDA approved with an A-1 rating for use around food. It's completely biodegradable. No rinsing is required--just spray Red Juice on and wipe it off. 

It is also a great laundry pretreatment and carpet spotter. Red Juice is not available at local stores, but it can be ordered on

Cleaning Bathroom Floors 

For small bathrooms or bathrooms with lots of nooks and crannies, it is often easier to clean the floors by simply spraying Red Juice and using cleaning clothes to wipe clean [PRO TIP: Use the same cleaning clothes you've already used for general cleaning]. 

If the floor is particularly dirty, often vacuuming first is recommended.  For larger bathrooms, we recommend using the Speed Cleaning Mop with Sh-Clean Floor Cleaner

Food Grease on Vertical Blinds in Kitchen 

Just spray with Red Juice and wipe with a cotton or microfiber cleaning cloth. If necessary, use a cleaning toothbrush or a White Pad on those grease marks that don't easily wipe off. 

Overall, vertical blinds are far easier to clean than horizontal blinds. Thanks to gravity, dust is less likely to settle on vertical blinds. Plus the slats are usually larger and easier to handle. 

Granite Countertops 

Your granite counters can be cleaned daily or weekly with Red Juice and a cleaning cloth. Dry with a 100% cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. Granite can possibly absorb oil and water, so it usually should be sealed, but it is harder than most other stones and is resistant to food acids. 

Microwave Oven Cleaning 

Make sure to clean your microwave on a regular basis. Wiping up spills as they happen is far easier than dealing with hardened globs of goo! Especially as you can't use abrasive cleaners or tools in a microwave. If you do find some globs, fill a bowl half-full of water and let it boil at full power for two or three minutes. After that you should be able to wipe away the food stains loosened by steam. If necessary, you can spray and wipe the inside with Red Juice and a cleaning cloth. 

Jacuzzi Spa Whirlpool Jets Soap Scum 

Soak the jets with Red Juice, which is an excellent degreaser. Use cotton swabs to pull the loosened scum out of the jets. If you have hard water, use Speed Cleaning™ Scum Bum

Avoid Streaks 

As you well know, many appliances tend to show off streaks after cleaning. To clean these appliances, use a cleaning cloth (or White Pad, if necessary) with Red Juice. Then use Blue Juice to remove any residual streaks. Or, just be sure to dry the appliances thoroughly to prevent streaking. Use a fresh dry cleaning cloth. 

Washers and Dryers 

To clean your washer, wipe up any spills from detergents, chlorine bleach, ammonia, stain removers, rust removers, and prewash sprays, then follow up with Red Juice to prevent damage. These products may corrode and/or rust the rubber and metal parts of the washer. As a preventative measure, don't use the top of the washer as a workplace. 

A filter washer should be located on one or both ends of the hot and cold supply hoses. If there is even a small obstruction on these filters, it could take forever for your washing machine to fill. Turn off the water, unscrew the hose, and use needle-nose pliers to extract the washers. Keep a towel around to catch the dribbles of water from the hoses. Clean the filters with a Cleaning Toothbrush and by blasting water through the screen backward, or just replace the filters (they're cheap) if they're hard to clean or if they were punctured when you removed them.

The outside of the dryer can also be cleaned with Red Juice or Blue Juice. Just as importantly, clean the inside as follows: Remove the lint screen and vacuum behind it to get at the lint that sneaks back there. Use the vacuum hose (with or without the crevice tool) to remove as much lint as possible. 

Check and clean the vent duct once a year by disconnecting it from the back of the dryer. The duct shouldn't have sags or sharp turns (which can trap lint). Also, be sure the duct doesn't get squished when the dryer is moved into place. Any obstruction can build up heat and shorten the life of your dryer. 

Vinyl ducts have been known to catch fire, so when it's time to replace yours, change to a flexible aluminum one. Finally, make sure that air can flow freely out of it and the vent flap opens and closes properly. You should be able to feel a strong exhaust when the dryer is operating. Also, check this hood for lint build up or other obstructions. To clean the duct, vacuum what you can, then take it outside and flush it thoroughly with water and hang it up fully extended to dry. 

Cleaning Baseboards and the "Vacuum Dirt Line" 

Red Juice and a Cleaning Cloth work wonders on base boards. The carpet should be vacuumed regularly to keep the dust from building up. When you vacuum the area along the base boards, use the hose without an attachment. Sometimes a Whisk Broom will help remove the dust buildup at the edge of the carpet. You may need to do this more often when the weather is warm and you leave windows open. 

Pre-treat Fabric Stains 

Fabric stains can be tricky. The method most would recommend is a pretreatment. Our Red Juice is a great for pre-treating fabric stains. The more time the dirt has been there, the longer you should keep them wet in the pretreatment before washing. 

Mold and Mildew on Outdoor Furniture 

Outdoor furniture, especially wicker furniture tends to develop mold and mildew. If the furniture simply won't dry, scrub the wicker with a soft, long bristle brush and Red Juice. If you can dry it out, then use a brush or cleaning toothbrush to loosen the green fuzzy residue of the mildew. Hold the brush attachment of your vacuum close by to inhale the dislodged dust. 

If there are seat covers, wash them well with Red Juice, or other heavy duty cleaner, and a Cleaning Toothbrush. Really scrub. Then wipe them dry with a Cleaning Cloth. 

Bleach solutions will also kill the mildew, but might ruin the finish on your furniture--so test first to see the effect.

Carpet Cleaning Solution 

Yes, you can use Red Juice in carpet cleaning machines! However, if your carpet is especially soiled, you should pretreat the spots with your spray bottle of Red Juice. Then add 1/4 cup of concentrated Red Juice per gallon of hot water in your carpet cleaning machine. 

Cleaning a Coffee Pot 

For regular maintenance, clean the inside of your coffee pot with Red Juice and a White Pad. Red Juice is a powerful degreaser and is nontoxic and completely biodegradable. It's approved by the FDA (A-1 rating) for use around food. 

Dog Kennels 

You can clean your dogs' kennel with Red Juice as it's approved by the FDA (A-1 rating) for use around food and is thus pet safe as well.  Of course, rinse well. 

Shower Door Frames 

If the frame around your shower door is chrome, you can use Red Juice, or another heavy duty cleaner, and #0000 steel wool (make sure the steel wool is wet) to remove the spots.  If the gritty spots are indeed mineral deposits, you'll need to up the ante to a product such as our Scum Bum. 

If the frame around your shower door is aluminum, there isn't too much you can do.  You can use Red Juice and a non-abrasive sponge, like the White Pad or Walnut Pad

One Cleaner Does It 

Red Juice truly is an amazing product.  It's easy to see why it is the best selling Speed Cleaning™ product of all time.  Safe to use and effective against even the toughest grease and grime, we enthusiastically recommend keeping a bottle of Red Juice handy in your home.  Order yours online today!

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