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100% of people hate cleaning the bathroom. Here are tips to make it easier!

First, place any trash containers outside the door. Take a deep breath, make sure your cleaning apron is stocked and ready to tackle this job, and begin! 

Bathtub – set any items that are on the edge of the tub onto the floor. Clean the shower walls around the tub (high to low as you go!) with all-purpose cleaner and a tile brush. If you’re tall enough, you can stand outside the tub while you clean. If not, be sure you’re wearing non-slip rubber-soled shoes that will keep you upright in the slippery wet of the tub. Leave the walls clean but not rinsed when you move on to the next step, sprinkling powdered cleanser into the tub. Then use your tile brush to scrub the tub, starting at the end furthest from the drain. You can use the toothbrush to get smaller areas that are a tighter fit. Now everything in the tub area should be a clean, foamy mess. You’re ready to rinse! Start with the shower walls and then rinse the tub. 

Sink – inside the bowl. Wet the bowl of the sink and use all-purpose cleaner to scrub the inside of the sink. When it’s clean, rinse out the tile brush and rinse the sink out. Don’t touch the rim or the faucet area yet, you’ll be coming back for those. 

Toilet – inside the bowl. Sprinkle powdered cleanser in and around the inside of the toilet bowl. Take the toilet brush and work you way from top of the bowl to the bottom, moving in a circular motion and cleaning as deep into the bowl as you can reach. Don’t forget under the rim! Shake off the excess water from the toilet brush and flush the toilet. 

Mirrors. Clean left to right, top to bottom. Spray it lightly with Blue Juice and wipe until dry. If you leave it a bit damp, you’ll get streaks. 

Wipe fingerprints off doors. Spray down the areas of the door that have any fingerprints and wipe dry. Keep looking up as you move around the room. 

See any cobwebs? Take ‘em down with your feather duster. 

Towel racks. Use your toothbrush to quickly swipe the rack, then wipe with a cloth to dry. Then fold and rehang any towels. 

Sink – outside the bowl. You’ve already cleaned the inside of the sink, now it’s time for the outer edges. Use the toothbrush around the base of the faucets, and use all-purpose cleaner around the rest of the outside of the sink. Wipe with a cloth and shine the sink fixtures. 

Toilet – outside the bowl. Just like the sink, you’ve already cleaned the inside of the toilet, so now it’s time for the outside. Start at the top of the tank and work down using an all-purpose cleaner and a cloth. Wipe the flushing handle as you move past it. When you get to the seat and the lid, put them in the “up” position. Spray the underside of the seat and lower it, then spray the top of the seat. Don’t wipe yet! Spray the underside of the lid, and lower it, then spray the top of the lid. Now wipe in the reverse order: top of lid, underside of lid, top of seat, underside of seat. 

While you’re already up close and personal with the toilet, clean the floor around it. Spray the floor around the base with all-purpose cleaner and wipe it dry. 

Clean the outside of the shower doors now if you have them. 

Last, tackle the floor. Take several fairly clean cloths and start spraying and wiping the floor from the furthest corner, working your way on hands and knees toward the door. As you pick up both hair and debris, fold the cloth to trap the debris and use another one. Make a bundle of all the dirty cloths and throw them into the washer and you’re done!

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