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10 Speed Cleaning Products You Didn't Know You Needed
There are over 300 products in the Speed Cleaning Catalog.  There's no shortage of cleaning supply staples like the Red Juice General Cleaner, Blue Juice Glass Cleaner, aprons and microfiber cloths, but did you know we have a tool for just about everything you would need to clean a house?

10 Indispensable Speed Cleaning Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Speed Cleaning™ Upholstery Brush

The most durable upholstery brush ever made is like having a lint roller that you never throw away.  The bristles generate an electric charge that grab onto hair and fine particles and aggressively agitates upholstery without damaging fabric. The thermoplastic rubber will outlast any horsehair brush and is specially formulated to maintain its shape and resist wear and tear. The brush is also fully washable and easy to clean. Just use soap and water (dishwasher safe - top shelf only).

Speed Cleaning™ White Pad, Green Pad & Walnut Pad

These ultra-durable scrubbing pads hold up to 22 times their weight in liquid.  The White pad is a scrub pad on one side and a sponge on the other for use on hard surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and throughout the house. For tackling tougher stains, step up to the Green Pad, but be careful not to scratch the surface.  Walnut Pads contain organic crushed walnut shells and are safe on virtually any surface including stainless steel, copper and painted surfaces.

Speed Cleaning™ Knee Pads

We've all seen the scenes of Cinderella and thought "Oh, I've been there."  What do you think she's have given for a pair of ergonomically designed, waterproof neoprene knee pads with soft adjustable straps?

Pumice Stick with Handle

One of the questions we're asked most often is, "How do I get that ugly ring out of the bathroom toilet bowl?" The answer is a pumice stick. It's remarkable how fast it removes scale, rust, hard water and mineral deposits from porcelain without scratching the surface. Just wet the ring, rub the pumice stick on it gently, and the ring is GONE! It's also great to use on ovens, grills and iron cookware.

Speed Cleaning™ Tray

Our tray saves time by keeping supplies free from chaos between cleanings. Just grab the cleaning tray and you've got everything you need for any room in the house at your disposal. Unbreakable plastic (at least we've never been able to!) with three compartments to keep everything organized.

Speed Cleaning™ Mop w/Terry Cloth Mop Covers

Escape the monotony of mopping! The Speed Cleaning™ Mop isn't another TV wonder gadget. It's a professionally designed tool with Terry Cloth Mop Covers that cleans in a fraction of the time required for standard string or sponge mops.

Speed Cleaning™ Microfiber Dusting Mitt

Use a Microfiber Dusting Mitt and see how fast the dust is removed from really difficult surfaces such as mini-blinds, plant leaves, chair rungs and picture frames. All surfaces are faster and easier to dust with a microfiber dusting mitt.

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish & Conditioner

One application of Howard Feed-N-Wax and you'll swear you just refinished your neglected possessions. Removes dirt, grime, oil, greasy cooking vapor buildup, or any wax buildup from furniture, cupboards or wood paneling, and leaves a warm sheen of fine carnauba wax.

Speed Cleaning™ Apron Tool Kit

The kit includes perhaps the three most useful cleaning tools you'll ever need:  a cleaning toothbrush, a heavy-duty scraper and a razor-blade holder.  (BONUS: 20 Unique Ways a Speed Cleaning™ Toothbrush Can Help You Clean Your Home)

Speed Cleaning™ Tile Brush

Not all brushes are the same.  We were so discouraged by standard brushes for cleaning tile that we experimented with ones made for other purposes. Ultimately we went to a dairy farm to find the ultimate tile scrubbing brush.  This excellent brush has stiff, angled, synthetic bristles to scrub bathroom tile and grout at the same time. Removes dirt and grime plus mild and mildew.


So next time you're ordering your supply of red juice, consider these unique professional cleaning supplies designed to make you a true master of Speed Cleaning.

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